Justice, freedom and security


This working group, thanks to the experiences of experts, will assess topics  in the field of Justice, Freedom and Security, anticipating a further process of reform and EU accession. Within Chapter 24, among other topics, mainly discussed are asylum, migration, visas, combating organized crime, corruption, terrorism, which will furtherly reflect in the choice of the other possible topics.

NCEI 2019-2021:


NCEI 2014-2016: 

pdfRecommendations, Session 1, “Migration and Asylum Policies” 18 June 2015

 pdfRecommendations, Session 2 & 3, “Challenges of Migration and Asylum in Albania”, 11 April 2016 

pdf Recommendations, Session 4, ” Cyber Crime and Cyber Security in Albania: New Challenges in the Framework of EU Integration Process”, 24 May 2016