WG – Environment (Chapter 27)

Different aspects of a society are included in various fields, while the issue of environmental protection includes pervasive factor that is especially pronounced in the EU in the form of sustainable development. Environmental standards in the EU are higher than anywhere else in the world. Given that Albania will have to take measures in terms of increasing the level of environmental protection, the group was formed in order to facilitate system institutions and civil society to work together in the appropriate way.

NCEI 2014-2016:

pdfRecommendations Session 1 “The Aarhus Convetion and the situation in Albania”, 28 July 2015

pdfRecommendations, Session 2, “Environment Pollution in Albania and European Standards”, 7 October 2015

pdf Recommendations Session 3, “Environmental impact of the development of natural resources and the EU policies of sustainable development”, 16 November 2015, Fier 

pdfRecommendations, Session 4, “Protecting Environment through Criminal Law”, 17 December 2015