pdfNewsletter Feb -Dec 2020 – National Convention on EU Integration

pdfAlbania 2020 Report, European Commission

pdfNational Plan for EU Integration (PKIE) 2020-2022

pdfInformative Material  “Convention on European Integration”, October 2015

pdfNational Convention on EU Integration – Assessments and Recommendations 2015-2016

pdfBrochure “Regional Convention on European Integration of Western Balkans”, September 2015

Judiciary and fundamental rights

index Report Input WG I: Judiciary and fundamental rights 2019-2021

pdf Strategy against Corruption 2015-2020

indexFight Against Corruption and Organized Crime. Judicial Reform (Progress Report 2014)

pdfNational report on children rights situation in Albania 2013-2014 (alb)

pdfReport on Challenges and Recommendation for improving child protection service in local level (alb)

pdfReport on implementation of the Action Plan for the Identification and Protection of Children in Street Situation 2014-2015 (alb)


Justice, Freedom and Security

index Report Input WG II: Justice, Freedom and Security 2019-2021

pdf National Strategy on Migration Migration Governance and Action Plan 2019 – 2022

pdf Inter-sectoral Strategy on Fight Against Organized Crime, Illegal Trafficking and Terrorism, 2013-2020 (alb)

pdf Integrated Border Management Strategy 2014-2020 (alb)

pdf Report on Fight Strategy Against Human Trafficking and Action Plan 2014 – 2017

indexInter-sectoral Strategy on Integrated Border Management Action Plan 2014-2020 (alb)


Agriculture and Consumer Protection

pdf Feedback of Ministry of Agriculture to Recommendations extracted from Session 1 of WG III of NCEI Albania 2021

indexReport Input WG III: Agriculture and Consumer Protection 2019-2021

index Sub-committee on Agriculture and Fisheries 2015


Structural Funds

pdfEuropean Structural and Investment Funds-Management System 2014-2020 Slovakia

pdfIntegrated Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 in Slovakia

indexReport Input of WG IV: Structural Funds 2019-2021



pdf Inter-sectoral Environment Draft – Strategy (SNM) 2015 – 2020
pdfNational Environment Program – 2015 (alb)
pdfStrategy and Action plan for Implementation of Aarhus Convention in Albania
pdfStudy Report “Public perception for the environment” 2015 (alb)