Knowing the importance of farming to the prosperity of Albanian society and recognizing the scope for improving the situation in this area, also taking into account that these issues will be part of the negotiations on a stage of EU accession, we realized the need for formulating recommendations that would improve the operation of the institutions of government and the non-governmental sector and contributed to strengthening of their cooperation.

pdfRecommendations, Session 1 “Food Safety Reform – PPP option to enable increasing the effectiveness of public services” 29 July 2015

pdfRecommendations, Session 2, “Challenges in adoption and implementation of food safety and quality standards by NFA  and food business operators”, 6 October 2015

pdfRecommendations, Session 3, “The adoption and implementation of EU requirements for BIO products, Conventional products and Integrated products”, 2 November 2015

pdfRecommendations, Session 4, “The informality in agriculture sector and structural funds for rural development absorption capacity”, 22 December 2015